Eganville Farmers Market
Fresh bread at the Eganville Farmers
GalleryFresh bread at the Eganville Farmers' Market, in the Bonnechere Valley, Renfrew County

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Welcome to the Eganville Farmers' Market

We will be back at Legion Field for the 2024 season

- June 7th until Thanksgiving!

Join us for fresh food and a good time.

Upcoming Events 


Eganville Farmers' Market is proud to offer fresh, locally produced products and you'll have the choice of selecting organic or not - just ask our vendors. They are happy to explain how things are done on their property. That's the added benefit to a farmers' market - you can meet the actual vendor, ask questions and make sure of what you are eating. This is important if you are concerned about healthy food.

Market Location & Hours

Located at Legion Memorial Field in Eganville across from St. James Catholic Church (on the same grounds as the Eganville Curling Club, ball diamonds, soccer field, spash pad and tennis court).

NEW Hours  2-5 pm on Friday afternoons.

More information will be provided as the season progresses.  Check out our facebook page for updated information. Eganville Farmers Market

Hours: 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. every Friday from June 7th to Thanksgiving.

Products for Sale

Products regularly offered for sale include:

  • Fresh produce - more appears as the season goes on
  • Herbs and garlic
  • Jams & jellies; pickles & relishes; sometimes salsa
  • Maple syrup
  • Seasonal Flowers
  • Honey
  • Baking - bread, pies, tarts, dessert breads, cookies, bagels, gluten-free products
  • All natural skin care products with a wide range of soaps
  • Arts & crafts
  • Prepared, ready-to-eat food
  • Cider
  • Additional seasonal products will appear as they are available throughout the season! (e.g. berries, apples)

2024 Theme Days

June 7 - Opening Weekend

Join all of our brand new vendors and musical guest Tim Rivers for our first market of 2024!

Our opening day is a pumpkin growing fundraiser! Buy a seedling or plant your own and get ready to compete for the biggest pumpkin of the season on our very last market day - Oct 11th.

There will be three judged catagories: Largest pumpkin, most perfect pumpkin (think cinderellas carriage!) and the ugliest gourd or pumpkin.


June 28- Celebrate Canada Day Weekend 

We will be serving cake with fresh stawberries and cream by donation to kick off celebrating our Nation's birthday a little early! *Musical guest: Mark Thompson


July 26 - Christmas in July

Get your shopping done early at this holiday themed event. We'll be decking-the-booths with festive cheer five months early! Get your gift shopping done extra early and find your new favorite decoration on the sale & swap table.


August 16th - 4H showcase

We'll be hosting a 4H showcase of animals raised by the areas junior farmers. *Musical guests: The Buzzkills


September 6 - Potato Palooza                                                                                                                   

We’ll have a variety of locally grown potatoes and recipes from our vendors, showcasing their favorite ways to savor these beloved spuds! Come enjoy the freshest new potatoes the season has to offer.


September 27 - Ontario Garlic Week

Ontario Garlic week is Sep 23rd - Oct 2nd! Join us for a flavorful celebration of homegrown garlic, featuring an array of garlic products and fresh herbs from our local vendors. 


October 6 - Fall Finale

Come say goodbye and bring a submission for the Pumpkin Contest! Catagories will be: Largest pumpkin, most perfect pumpkin (think cinderellas carriage!) and ugliest gourd or pumpkin - with possibly more catagories t be announced in the weeks before. Check our scial mecia for up to date details.