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A deep connection to the arts has been a constant throughout my busy life. Growing up on a small eastern Ontario farm instilled in me a love of animals, and as such, I often find myself drawn to these subject matters. Yet, florals, landscapes, old buildings and antiques intrigue and inspire me. I work in a variety of mediums, and I am most proficient with acrylics, but pen and ink, oils, coloured pencils and enamels are not foreign to me. I often paint on canvas but many refurbished items such as old windows, cream cans, skis, tool boxes, tin etc. have received a new lease on life. A huge gratification comes from knowing my art is appreciated by others, and are in private collections throughout Canada and US.

Sewing is another passion of mine. Designer totes, scarves, jewel carriers are just some of the unique pieces I design and sell in the Ottawa Valley.

Last but not least is my Natural Vegan-Silk homemade soap made from wholesome and natural ingredients. The product has been received so well that a business called Earthy Essentials has sprung up from my hobby. As people are becoming more aware of the unhealthy effects of toxins and synthetics they are turning to natural products such as my soaps.  

~  Nancy Rantz, Ottawa Valley, Ontario

Gemstone Bracelets 
Semi Precious Stones for everyone handmade by Suesan Arsenault
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